Good envy?

There's a word construction that is being widely spread, "White envy," which might make us think that envy could be a good thing. But, it is not!  When we appreciate something in someone else or we have the desire to have what he/she has such as: admiration, desire, appreciate, etc., this can become negative. That is envy, Plain and simple - envy. Envy is the evil feeling or evil belief showing our bad thoughts, leading to bad attitudes and finally, bad behavior. Envy = greed.

Whether we gold plate words or corrupt words, we must stop. Especially when we do this concerning flaws in humans. In this way we slowly destroy the very clear and evident line between right and wrong. (Yes, my friends, there is a clear and evident line between the two.) This modeling gives encouragement and support to those who tend toward arrogance, those who consider  themselves "behavior police." Is there a risk? Absolutely, I say. We re-define the meaning of "good." This leads to the defense of "white anger," "good name calling," "white slanders," "good violence" and others.

Diluting the meaning of words or moving them semantically to more acceptable verbiage risks not being able to point to what they originally mean.

Envy, just plain envy in a high level led people to condemn Jesus to the cross. Because we have an Almighty God The Father He turned this to, "Good," What is real, "Good." That is, The Son's work of forgiveness to each created man and woman for sin. He left us with what is marvelous, His principles of Faith and Love. Something our envy can never achieve.

No need to sugarcoat envy with "white, pink, black, yellow" or "good," we cannot anyway. Call envy exactly what it is. Recognition of this flaw, contrition, repentance and the acceptance of God's forgiveness In Christ instills in us The Holy Spirit's work of Jesus' principles - faith and love. We can authentically, then, appreciate and value each other. God has already provided, more than abundantly, all that we have and need, without our choice to envy and be greedy.

If we do not keep the right meaning of words, we return to the life of hostages of what is bad.

P  Lucas André Albrecht
Canoas ,RS, Brazil 

Text  edition:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Pleasant Prairie, WI, USA
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