I have never heard it before

One day in a master class during lunchtime, our professor, who is a pastor as well, was not feeling well. He tried everything possible to make the discomfort go away but nothing worked. Eventually the students suggested that he go to a doctor. He took the advice. The appointment was unpleasant, uncomfortable and expensive, too.
That afternoon he was back in class. He declared,
"I know why this happened to me today!"
The doctor ordered an electrocardiogram, even though there was no indication that the ailment was serious. But, just to make sure. While in the examining room the professor/pastor chatted with the nurse telling her where he was from and what he did at his church. She revealed that she had many financial concerns and that it affected her emotionally, too. The nurse told also that she used to attend church but had not for a long time. She even shared with him that a few days before this leaders from her church had visited with her.
"And they told you that all those problems were the result of you not going to church anymore, right?" - said the professor
The nurse said, "yes, they did...how did you know?"
The pastor shared God's word of forgiveness and comfort with her letting her know that He does not punish according to our mistakes. He went on, "If that was so, who would be left? Instead, through His love and grace He leads us to repentance; forgiving, embracing, eracing all our sins giving us strength for life."
Tears welled in her eyes, and she said to the pastor:
"These are wonderful words! You know, I have never heard this before!"
In the classroom, tears also came to the professor's eyes as he exclaimed:
“Imagine what this means, my dear students! How is it possible that someone who goes to church never hears that Jesus' forgiveness and embrace are above all condemnation, threat and punishment?"
And he returned to his opening sentence:
“Yes, my dear friends. I know why God let this happen to me today.” 
Why do we so easily get frustrated when our plans and desires fail? Should we not realize that God is always working according to His time? He may offer the opportunity for us to share with someone who had never seen nor heard learn something invaluable. That makes all the difference in the life of a friend, colleague, loved one.  
Maybe the difference even for someone we barely know.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Senior Chaplain at Ulbra, Parish Pastor at “St. Paul”,
Canoas ,RS, Brazil

Rev. Paulo S. Albrecht
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Text  revision
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Wisconsin, US

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