Who is your boss?

Some will be quick to answer while others will take longer.  There may be people who will affirm, "I have no boss." Nonetheless, one way or another in our lives someone or something ends up assuming that position.

For some people, money is their boss. Everything they do is intended to bring more money to their pockets. Every step is calculated considering the amount of money it will bring.
Others obey the agenda, always struggling to keep up with what's required even when other matters of importance come up. Diligently going to appointments and meetings but hardly ever choosing to take control of what is happening.
Many let other's opinions boss them, afraid to take a stand. Usually that's because they are waiting to find out for sure what other people think of their actions, words, clothing or body language.
Shocking as it sounds, there are those controlled by pain, the pain of playing the victim. They use problems and personal issues as excuses for not making their own decisions and sticking to them.

And the list goes on of other bosses - deadlines, clocks, our sexual desires, pressure from other's of their desires, false teachings, to get revenge: The Self...
All given in to by - Humans. Therefore none of these bosses can give the correct destination or goal. And further still, none can bring us safety or trust in a happy life. We are left with - No Hope For The Future.

Only One boss guarantees that. Only One can bring trust and safety in life, for salvation. Also, strength and guidance. Although he is bigger than we may think he does not like to be called a boss. He prefers that we cann him "Father," "Friend," "Brother," " Savior." God, who in Jesus Christ, reveals himself to mankind in love. He gives us all the assurance which only the One who knows us entirely, even better than we know ourselves, can do. So that we can put the other candidates in their appropriate place, not as bossess, but as subordinates. Then we can head for the goal that faith shows us.

For a “boss” like that, any of us would give a beautiful smile every morning, without any doubt.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Chaplain at Ulbra, Parish Pastor at “St. Paul”,
Canoas ,RS, Brazil

Rev. Paulo S. Albrecht
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Text  revision
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Wisconsin, US

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