Shadow and light

A statue of a "sower" stands in the city, Kaunas, Lithuania.  During the daylight it appears to be an immobile figure of a man throwing something onto the ground. There is no sign of seeds being sown.

However, it's by night that the figure is complete. Not exactly in the statue but in the shadow on the wall behind the it as is obvious in the picture below. That's when the seeds can be seen.

During the day when you pass by you'll never see the completed figure. It's by the darkness of night when looking at the shadow of the sower on the wall that you can see the whole thing.

There are things in life that we can only see when we go through dark moments. We can only understand them in hard times. Some people only see God’s Love when ‘night’ comes. Sometimes we think of God and pray to Him only when we feel completely abandoned on shadows. Then we figure out the whole figure of His Grace and Love.

But me must notice one important thing about the Kaunas sower. We can only see the whole figure by night because there is one light to project the shadow. If there were not that light even by night no one would see the whole Idea.

At times we admit that when we go through tough times we learn a lot. In pain and sorrow we learn great lessons. That’s quite right but it will only happen when there’s Light. When by faith we have the presence of Jesus Christ projecting his care on our life. Saved, guided and oriented by this Light is when we can see even in darkness. In Christ, the Light of the World, we have the seeds for the soil of our hearts.

This Love and care He shows us all the time. Whether is daylight or during the night.  

There’s no shadow of doubt about it. 

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