To be positive

Paul was talking to a friend about his last medical appointment.

“The doctor said that my eyes are perfect. My lungs are correctly functioning, my kidneys work fine and my heart couldn’t be better. Ah, and about cholesterol and blood pressure... nothing wrong with them!”
“Oh, wow,” said the friend, “But Paul…didn’t you go to see the doctor because of a back ache?”
“That’s right.”
“So why did the doctor tell you only what’s good? Didn’t he point out what’s wrong so you can cure it?”
“Oh, yes, he did try to talk about what is bad, but I wouldn’t listen. I like only to hear about what is good.”

Well, that seems to be an x-ray photo of our world. Many people won’t hear anything about what’s really wrong and needs change. You cannot talk about sin, guilt, lack of responsibility, depression, death… Nor discuss any other thing showing the truth that we are imperfect. “Hey, let’s change the issue, man”. “Be positive!” “Show the bright side of things!”...

But do we go to the doctor to hear about what’s good or to know what’s wrong so we can fix it? If someone denies what is ill in his/her body, we all know where it may end…

Jesus Christ points out our imperfection. Yes, He does. It is known by the name “sin.” But unlike many in our days who have delight in finding sins only to hammer the sinner, He forgives. He loves and recovers our hearts. He brings us the cure for our worst illness. The follow through of the appointment with The Doctor is a new life where treatment and prevention walk together. He wants us to be always taking care of the most important health… spiritual health. Because that is our source of life everlasting.

That is the way one can really be positive: point the sin and give the solution. If we think that ‘to be positive’ is only ‘to talk about what is good,’ well, we’ll find ourselves more often than not, trying to cure a cardio vascular problem with tea, honey and rest.

Text revision:
Rev. Paul Lantz
Detroit, MI

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