In times like these when social networking plays big role amongst internet users, almost everybody has a profile somewhere. Facebook, LinkedIn, Quepasa?…Sometimes the current thought comes close to: if you don’t have web profile, do you really exist?... The other day thousands promised a Facebookcide day, when they promised to delete their profiles on that website because of something they were against. Then someone well-humored asked: “Pastor, would that be a sin?”

But apart from jokes and opinions on how important this is for our daily life, the fact is that this is something present in our virtual daily lives, or in the lives of many we are related to. So…what if Jesus had a social network profile? What would you read there?

Maybe: “I was born in a little town and raised in another little one. I'm a pretty easy going guy who likes outdoor activities like walking around. I love people – people in general, all people. And I’d like to connect to everybody.”

Would he have many friends? What about the comments people would leave on it?

I just wonder.

But what we do know for sure is that he is not a virtual friend, a distant fellow, or an ironic, harsh commenter on other person’s lives. He came to Earth in flesh and blood to give salvation, peace and joy to our profiles - the real ones, not fake IDs. And because he wanted to share his love to all he started a social network that started with few people and today is abroad, reaching the world. Far before internet came to interconnect humankind to itself, Christ provided the way to connect all humankind to God in real time - faith. In times like these when social networking connections became a big thing for many, we have someone who provides good content to our profile while interacting on any social network.

Isn’t this a profile worth viewing and visiting frequently?

Text revision: Rev. Paul Lantz
Detroit, MI
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