106 years

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil [IELB (yehllb) in Portuguese] celebrated its 106th anniversity this month. The synod was officially founded on June 24, 1904. However, the first Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LC-MS) missionary stepped on Brazilian soil in 1900. Since then the church has grown from a small mission among Germans to a national institution under its motto, "Christ for all."

On June 20th, a special service commemorating the beginning of the IELB, attended by over 2,000 people was held in the City of Passo Fundo in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (see pictures). This southern state is where the mission began in the 1900s and it boasts the highest number of Lutherans currently.

The 60th IELB National Convention in April, 2010, elected a new Board of Directors. Rev. Egon Kopereck was commissioned president of the synod serving for the next four years. The IELB celebrates the blessing of more than 2,000 parishes sheperded by approximately 700 pastors welcoming others to join our 236,000 members in service to Christ.
(source of the picture: IELB)
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