Betty Lou Oliver-an incredible story. She survived two horrible disasters on the same day.

On July, 28, 1945, William Smith Jr. flew his plane into the Empire State Building at the 79th floor due to thick fog. Betty was working on the 80th. She was severely burned but managed to survive. When rescuers arrived they decided to lower her via elevator, unaware that the cables were damaged. Once the door closed the cables snapped and the elevator plummeted 75 stories to the basement. Oliver survived once again and was taken to a hospital. The account tells us that she was treated and fully recovered from all injuries.

We all want to be ‘Betty Lou’. To survive. But the fact is that there are other disasters to prevent. We surely want to live, but life one day or another ceases. Betty Lou survided two disasters, but now she’s dead like will we all be one day. What we need to pay attention to is the disasters that can end our lives while we are still alive. When family relationships are damaged, a job no longer satisfies, friendships crumble or our faith dries up. What's left? Go on living without life? Only waiting for the end?

The tragedy that took place on the cross at Calvary is the way for us to survive these disasters. But even better, is the way to prevent them. If a plane crashes into a tower, a car accident happens, any given tragedy comes into our lives, they are not under our control. But reaching out for God to lead is under our control. When God’s hands guide ours, we can live, prevent, avoid, act. And we can thrive and rebuild whenever something bad has already happened.
When we are built upon the Rock, Jesus Christ, we are given certainty that in our history faith is the not a snapping cable and Life is our word of truth.

This is a totally credible story. Because in Him we are not going to ‘survive’. We will live. Forever.

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Kim Starr
St. Louis, USA
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