The constant

Last weekend we had special guests here at Ulbra. Students from Concordia University Austin, Texas, led by Campus Chaplain Rev. Bruce Peffer. Their reasons for coming were to learn about our culture and to volunteer at Instituto Santissima Trindade. This Lutheran Institute assists orphans and the elderly. And, of course, they came to taste our wonderful Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue), too!

On Monday 24th, we took Brittany, Warren, Drew, Jolie, Jennifer, Ryan, Mikaela and a Brazilian, Felipe, who lives in US since 2001, with Pastor Peffer to “Cristo Redentor” Elementary and High School. After a stroll through the campus they had a meeting with students from the last year of high school. That means these young people are living the anxiety and fear of becoming college students. Then some questions revolved around the theme. That’s why this question came up: "What role does faith play at this fearful time?"

Among the answers of the students, Mikaela, which is the only one not from Austin but from Concordia Seward (NE), shared something like this: “Faith to me is my constant. Like, everything around me may be changing or threatening me. But faith keeps me always in the same, safe place."

She’s absolutely right. When connected to Christ by faith we are in a safe and sound place. Because He was constant in his work and reached out his hand to humankind, now humankind have by faith this constant at hand. Even if things keep changing. And, they will, certainly. There’s hardly a constant thing like change. But there’s hardly something else to face change like this constant: faith.
Actually, there isn’t.

By the way, ‘The constant” was the name of one of Lost episodes, the TV show that ended on Sunday (23th). Now here we are talking about of being found by Christ to the life that will have no end. So anywhere in the world we may be, any lost or fearful, there He is too. Our rock, foundation, path.

The constant.

Text revision:
Kim Starr
St. Louis, USA
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