Nothing Special?

One weekend, Brasil Lutheran University's music group went to a youth gathering in the state of Santa Catarina. On the way there, the road was clear and traffic was light. The return trip was a different story, however. Traffic was heavy as cars and trucks filled the lanes. That being said, however, nothing special happened. We drove on until we arrived safely at our homes.

And what's so special about this?
Nothing. But, then again, everything.

If there had been an accident and I survived to write this devotion that would have been reason enough to thank the Lord. Right? Isn't the fact we traveled almost 1000 miles with not even a flat tire all the more reason to have hearts of thanksgiving for our Father's care for seven travelers in two cars?

Oddly, it seems we are more ready to give thanks when bad things happen and we are delivered than for all the good God does in our lives. Sometimes -- many times, in fact -- our hectic routines get in the way and we don't even notice His work in our lives.

Still, our Lord Jesus is loving and patient. His presence and care are the signs on our road keeping us safe. Some alert us that repentance is needed ahead, requiring us to stop and think. Others motivate and fuel us to greater faith by reminding us that safety, help, forgiveness, and love are ours and given to us freely -- with a toll. He paid the price by dying in our place, so we can arrive safely.

Nothing special?

Hardly. It's always special. God's protection and guidance as we navigate this world and blessings beyond compare.

>Devotion published today by Lutheran Hour Ministries.
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