Sit down

You go to a furniture store to buy a good chair. Then the salesman shows you the perfect one. You can buy that piece even with eyes wide shut, you won’t make any mistake. Which one of these helps you to find the truth?

_Listen to the words of the salesman or read something about the chair or its manufacturer;
_Examine with your own eyes every detail;
_to sit down.

The same remains true about faith. You can hear something about Christ, from a pastor, a priest, or a Church. You can read something about Him in the Bible or in some books that speak about him. But you won’t be any sure about it until you “sit down”, until you go through experience of placing faith on Him.

Maybe sometimes you are in doubt of 'sitting down' in a 'chair' you can't see. Maybe you become afraid of being a fool. Or maybe you just don’t think He can support your weight. But to sit down in faith is to know that Christ is always standing and ready to help, to love, to serve. He is always inviting us to prove the chair and have a secure and joyful life. And this you can’t get only by listening, looking, examining. You need to sit down.

Listen, examine, get to know. But, above all, have faith. Believe! We can sit down with all confidence in the arms of the Father.

He surely can take our weight.

Text revision: Kim Starr
Wisconsin, USA.
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