It's true: many of us want more than we need.

That kind of longing for excess is part of our human condition. Because we want enough and more than enough, we don't desire daily bread as much as we want a bakery running 24/7.

And this kind of attitude doesn't begin and end with a desire for a lot to eat; such a desire can touch any aspect of our lives.

You know people who are not content to get a good night's sleep, or have a sound roof over their heads. What they're looking for is an ironclad guarantee the hurts and pains of this life will be kept at bay and the good and pleasant joys will always remain in their possession.

This may be why we would do well to learn a lesson from the glowworm.

Yes, a glowworm. In case you've forgotten your high school science class, the glowworm is a small insect, an insect that generates light to illuminate its path.
Understand, the glowworm doesn't light up the entire pathway or brighten the total road. What the glowworm does is this: as it takes its very small steps, as it moves across the fields, it produces enough light to illuminate the next step.

In short, the glowworm doesn't generate a lot of light -- just the light necessary to move forward.

As I said, some people can learn a valuable lesson from the glowworm. Rather than worrying about things situated far beyond their visible horizon, they should trust the Lord.

Why? Jesus' perfect life, His terrible death, and His glorious resurrection from the dead say He is a Man of His Word. If He says, as our text records, that He is with us always, then we ought to believe Him.

His presence is enough to take us safely through the unknown future to our blessed eternity.

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker of The Lutheran Hour
Lutheran Hour Ministries
Devotion published

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