Ulbra has a new Rector

Yesterday, 'St. Paul' Congregation, in a voters assembly, elected Rev.Dr.Marcos Fernando Ziemer as the new Rector of the Lutheran University of Brazil (Ulbra). Earlier in the day, Rev. Dr.Ruben Eugen Becker, the founder and Rector of Ulbra for 36 years, resigned.

In the assembly, that lasted 2h30min, the 62 voters that were able to vote according the statues of the congregation, decided 46-10 to Ziemer before President Mauro Roll, from Lyceo San Pablo, Uruguay. Six voters abstained. Ziemer was vested at the end of the meeting, with a blessing by the 8 pastors of 'St. Paul's' Congregation.

Ruben Becker resigned on Friday, presenting his renunciation letter to Celsp' board. Later in the voter's assembly it was read and accepted. Becker was the Rector of Ulbra since 1972, date of its foundation.
When he arrived to Canoas, in 1966, St. Paul's School had 103 sutents. As he leaves, 43 years later, Ulbra has 150,000 students in all levels of education. Further, a Health System, Sport Club, Radio and TV stations, Cultural and musical groups and activities, dozens of social works and specially a strong Confessional work.

Rev. Ziemer was formely chaplain at Ulbra in Ji-Paraná and later its president. He served for 5 years as president in Ulbra's unit at Palmas (Tocantins) and in the last 6 months was assistant pro-rector of education in Canoas.

In the first interview, Dr. Ziemer declared that many changes must happen. Vice-Rector, Leandro Becker will no longer be in its office as well as many of the members of the rectorship and people in other important positions. Also said that Ulbra's situation is critical, for many debts with government, salaries, taxes and suppliers are against the Institution, but he hopes his workgroup to have till the next Wedneday a restructuring plane.

Ziemer, 42, is married and father of two.
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