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Three years ago, Pastor Paulo and I went to the U.S. for a 20 day trip to learn about many different aspects of the Lutheran Church. Professor Gedrat of ULBRA’s International Relations Office, sent a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Brazil. He helped explain the purpose of our trip so that we could get our Visas. “On site skill improvement” was only one of the many purposes expressed as an expectation of the trip.

In Brazil, the word site entered our vocabulary when the Internet entered our lives. So here when you refer to a site, you are specifically speaking about an Internet page. However to English speakers you need do add ‘web’ to the word so they understand you. Website. Otherwise using only ‘site’ means a specific ground location.

That’s what happens when you talk about faith. Using this word alone may lead to wrong conclusions, because it is used in many situations that can confuse the mind. Even people who bet on lotteries, for example, speak of ‘having faith’. If you want to be understood then add a special word to it. Actually, a special name: Jesus. When faith comes along with this name, then you know your heart has the right ground where to make its steps. For is through faith in Him that our hearts get connected to the world wide Salvation he provided to all.

Our heart is Jesus’ site where He dwells. He replenishes it with all good things. No need to search for any other site – or website – in the world. Jesus connects by faith to our life. He gives our hearts strength and focus for daily on site skill improvement!

The address? wwl.JesusChrist.God

Oops… maybe there’s a mistake. WWL?

No, there’s not. The address where we can experience this life full of good things is @ WWL:”World Wide Love”.

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