crisis and asnwers

“Will the stimulus work? That's the $770 billion question the new GDP numbers really don't answer.”

That’s the final line
of a CNN report some weeks ago asking if the economic crisis could get worse. Showing that the numbers so far point to a dangerous downhill road leading to 1930s times, the text wonders if the government can do something to make things change. Or at least to stop numbers, jobs and hopes from falling.

Actually, there’s no neither a single coin or billion dollar that can provide a real answer in times of crisis. There’s no government, president, CEO or economist who is able to be precise about how the next semester, the next month or even the day called tomorrow is going to be. No one.

No one but God.

Well, I’m not saying that with the Bible I can foretell anything. Not even that your bank account will be overflowing with dollars next week. Or that 3 job opportunities will knock on your door today. But the answer that He provides is that kind of word that always works. Whether in times of fortune or misery. Whether for the slumdog or the millionaire. By faith in Christ He promises that our future will always be in His hands, so we can have him close to our heart. His stimulus always strengthens our lives and makes us look confidently into the future.

Yes, this stimulus works. For He is the sure answer that “US$ no-money-in-the world” can afford.

Text revision:
Kim Starr, Deaconess Intern
St. Louis, MO, USA.
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