What is the hardest word to say in English?
Well, I would suggest one.

“Thanks”. Maybe we don’t realize quite often, but to find and to hear a ‘thank you’ with a sincere heart can be quite a hard job. I'm talking about real, sincere gratitude. This acknowledges that our neighbor did something good for us. It is not the kind that seems to be forced by a circumstance or when it seems "fair" to say the word.

It’s a very hard word to say, because it causes battles against ourselves.

In this connection, Martin Luther was right when He wrote that Jesus’ work was to save us from ourselves. For our ‘ego’ has more weapons and skills to impose losses over us than we realize. Jesus taught us that we need to give up looking for solutions inside ourselves, and to look to the help that comes from outside. And it really does. For God always wants to give us strength to deal with our "me" in a way to overcome it. The replacement is the One who starts a new "me" that is guided by Him. He wants us to ask for help.
And of course to be thankful for it.

Every year we celebrate our Thanksgiving Day. A day that could be year 'round. An attitude, a heart and a mind of "thanks" every day. A word that may be not easy to say sometimes but keeps a very hard word --unthankfulness -- away from our lives. In Jesus we always find words of strength and life to keep practicing these hard words so they become easily spelled everywhere we go.

Then, joy and gratitude may overflow from our hearts. Not only in words but specially in actions.
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