Since 2001, to speak of 9.11 has immediate recall in people’s minds. September, the 11th, now is remembered by many for the tragedy that took thousands of lives.

Before 2001, however, what did this day mean to you? Maybe a birthday of someone close. Marriage, anniversary. Memory of a departed loved one.

Many dates in the calendar go like this. The same day, the same month. But different meanings, thoughts and feelings.

In my country, Brazil, September 7th is Independence day. Does it have the same meaning in yours? Here, May, 1st is Labor Day. Second Sunday in May, Mother’s day. Second Sunday in August, Father’s day.
January 4th is the day I got married to Djenane, in 1997. March, 7th, 1983, the day I first rode a bicycle without kissing the ground shortly after the first few yards.

I don’t know if any of the above mean something to you. (March 7th I’m sure does not….) In the same day, we can find celebration and mourn, joy and sadness, remarkable facts or better-to-forget issues.

There are three dates in calendar, however, that no one can be sure if they’re precise in the number. Or tell if they match the very day the fact occurred, but still are celebrated on the same day by billions of people all over the world. And with the same meaning.
The first, the birth of a baby. A special kid who came into the world to be the light for all nations.
The second, the death of a man. He was not guilty of anything. But was killed anyway.
And the third, speaks of life again .The Man who was hung, now is standing alive again. Bringing victory, hope and new life.

Christmas, Good Friday, Easter. None of these three dates in the calendar can be claimed to be precise. The 2nd and 3rd even fall on a different day each year. But they precisely assure us that even in the midst of terror and pain we have relief. When a loved one departs we have comfort and confidence. When celebrating a special day we have gratitude for his loving hands. God provides through faith in Jesus – the Man of the 3 dates mentioned above - everything we need for living each month, each day, trusting his caring love and following Jesus’ steps.
By the way, before going to heaven (a day we remember 40 days after Easter) He promised, “I’m with you every day of the calendar until it has no use anymore.”

As we remember or celebrate, as we mourn or shout, when in pain or in relief may we always place faith in Christ who promised to be with us. Then, so it will be.

Every new day and date.
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