What’s the benefit of reading a daily devotion? Or a weekly ‘touch of life’? What do we get out of this? “Feeding our soul”? But... does this really happen? Because we all know that, once we read the text, after some moments, all is gone. Some of the more remarkable phrases and texts may be held by our memory, but is totally impossible to remember everything. Even for the one who wrote them.

Maybe in some moment of your life you asked yourself about the necessity of attending church every Sunday, or every week to listen to the Word, sing praises, pray... Ministers say that this is to ‘feed our faith’. But does this feeding actually happen? You see, we go, listen, see, speak, sing... but probably in the next Sunday we can’t recall most of the former.

The question that sometimes may come to mind, then, is: how do we are feed in our faith? How does this process happen?

But I’ve also asked myself another one: is the complete understanding of the ‘how’ it happens a pre-requisite to the effectively feeding of my heart?

Let’s compare it to our body needs. Think of what you eat daily. Do you completely understand how bread, meat, fruits (French fries, hamburguer, desserts…..) perform the feeding inside your body? Well, I would say that for most of us, after what we ate passes the throat and moves down, there ceases most of our knowledge. We can’t explain exactly how, but all we know is if we eat, that amount of food will sustain us for another time period.
But if understanding what exactly happens were crucial for being nurtured? Then maybe only scientists and professionals from health area would survive.

I don’t want to mean that we should be spiritually ignorant, and accept anything anyone says. But the point here is: just because I don’t understand the process quite well, it doesn’t mean that it’s not actually and effectively happening! (And It’s not because we can’t remember what we ate on a given Sunday three months ago that this was not important to keep us well)

The Bible assures us that its words are genuine and pure spiritual milk, and by it we may grow up to salvation. That is strong and healthy food, a food that....feeds! God acts in his Word and wisdom, that is quite a bit strange and mysterious to our minds, but well known to our hearts, to keep us well. By faith we know that His awesome meal will always perform what is designed to.

Even If we can’t remember every message we hear, listen and enjoy. Better than trusting our memory, we can always place faith in Jesus. He never forgets to give the food we need for our soul.

And If His feeding goes in a mysterious way, the results of it go in marvelous one.
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