Inside job

You thought it was a work of an enemy. But you realize that it was the action of a (supposed) friend.
You would understand if from a stranger. But it’s hard to accept when from the hands of a known person.
Sometimes it is on your weekend sport team. Others, someone at work. Maybe even in your family this kind of situation happens.

Inside job. The unexpected becomes evident. The undesired comes to light as the evident truth. Cheating, betrayal. Political or economic games. In Brazil, we use also the expression “friendly fire,” reporting to war situations, where one is fired on by his own fellows. One of the most painful Inside jobs!

When it comes to human feelings and interests, inside can be a very unsafe place.

That’s what happens in our hearts, too. We think the problems, errors, threats are outside. The enemies surround us. The foes just waiting to attack. But the truth is, we have an inside jobber: ourselves. Our own sin works against us, leading our body to do things that maybe our heart wouldn’t like to! It’s the struggle apostle Paul mentions, the good I’d like to do, I don’t practice, but the evil, that I don’t desire, this I perform.

We need, then, the ‘outside job’. In this case, a good one. That is, God’s action inwardly on our hearts. He forgives us deep inside, removes our sins, and, with the friend fire of the Holy Spirit strengthens us to perform the jobs that match His will. From inside out, directs us to many people in need of friendly eyes, a warm smile, a touch that makes its way inside their hearts and brings comfort to their lives.

This is the kind of job worked from inside that brings good results. It’s the power surge from above that gives our outward jobs forward motion.
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