Me and Others

When I make a traffic mistake it is just a mistake that can happen to anyone. When it's others they deserve blame and to be cursed.
When I don’t change my mind it’s because I have a strong opinion. When others don't it's because he/she doesn't have an open mind.
When I discipline my kids it is because I want the best for them. When others don't then he/she are being too harsh.
When I buy stuff it is because I need it and besides I'm paying with my own money. When others do it is because he/she are capitalists who can't resist consumerism.
When I am aggressive it's not too much and it's because I have strong evidence. When others are it's because he/she is nothing more than a stupid person.
When I do something unfair maybe it wasn't a good day. When others do then a photo must be uploaded to FB condemning the attitude.
When I use violence to defend my causes it's because they are high and noble. When others do it is because they are lowlife animals.
When a national politician dies it is "minus one thief in the world." When it is a foreign one he/she was a great leader.

This is so human, so us; we rationalize our behaviors while judging that of others. We affirm our attitudes and criticize that of others  Incoherency is almost a part of the human essence. But we must have it straight: when other people break principles, they have broken principles. When it’s me, it’s exactly the same.

However we must stress on ‘almost’ a part, because originally sin was not part of our essence.. God created us perfect, we messed everything up. The first incoherency gave birth to all the rest. Graciously God was and is coherent in his love. He provided the way back to Him drawing us near through His Son Jesus Christ. He knows us so well and still loves us. Forgives us. Through His Word teaches us so we get to know His principles are for every situation, both for us or for others.

These principles are our safe guidelines and our orientation when defining, judging, counseling or helping. They never change, never burn or break, nor are never consumed by fire or washed away by floods. They are not incoherent, they never pass. His principles are always the same, providing sound guidance for our Faith to act in love.

So when I am seen by God through faith in Jesus, I am seen as his son, his daughter whom he cares for and loves, forever.

And when it’s Others ….it’s exactly the same.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Canoas ,RS, Brazil 

Text  edition:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Pleasant Praise, WI, USA
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