Straight To the Pain

Professor Odon Cavalcanti, also a psychiatrist, shared a story of physical pain with us at a chaplain’s meeting. Having severe back ache he tried many doctors for the cure.
Finally, he found someone to help him. The treatment included massage in some muscular regions and specifically in the most painful locations. “Where it hurt the most she pressed the most.” It felt like torture to him; “but I was glad that she did it this way,” he added. “Only when the cause of the pain is directly attacked it can lead to the cure.”

Sometimes we suffer longer than necessary. We don’t allow the pain of our lives to be touched. Every time someone approaches that pain, we flee. Whether someone is gentle or rough in a direct way. Sometimes we take offense. Sometimes we ignore the attempt to be helped. Or maybe we respond not-so-gently. We won’t allow the curative ‘massage’ straight to the pain. We miss out on the opportunity for the cure!

That’s why God shows our problems and defects. He puts His finger on our pain – lovingly trying to relieve it, cure it. That’s exactly what we need. His curative and caring love. Without taking the chance to be cured, we won’t learn and grow. Yet when we accept it and regularly invite ‘God’s massage’ he leads us, through Christ, to the cure from pain. The Lord works through our loved ones as they press softly or directly straight to the pain doing us a sweet favor.

It’s unavoidable to feel pain in this life. It happens… one day or the next. But to keep suffering, that’s an option. For in God we have the curative hands that go straight to the pain healing us in love.

Text revision:
Kim Starr, Deaconess Intern
St. Louis, MO, USA
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