See again

“Will we see them again?”

Maybe this was the main question on the mind of families, friends and people related to passengers on Air France flight 447, from Rio to Paris, on Monday, June 1st,. The aircraft, Air Bus A330-200, went off the radar screens as it flew over the Atlantic coast near the northeastern coast of Brazil. Then gradually wreckage and debris were found; but no one – even now – is sure about what or how it happened. At that – as still now - there was no sign of survivors.

But as time went by the question received its ultimate answer. The chances of survivors became remote. The possibility of finding someone alive lessened. Even finding the “Black Box” or bodies looks dim.

But back to the opening question, the chances of seeing them again should not be put away. Because even if sometimes people think of life only in terms of the years we spend here walking on the earth or flying overseas, actually life is something that never ends. When life begins in conception it is a beginning with no end. A life is something that never ends.

That’s why meeting again is possible, for sure! Jesus Christ brought to this world that certainty. When He accomplished His work he gave the certainty of something unique: the life everlasting. By faith in Him the ones who depart from this world are not in a random flight. They head our Father’s House, Heaven. And there we’ll meet them again in that the day when our departure comes. By faith, that’s where we’ll head too.

At a time like this plane crash tragedy the frailty of human life comes to mind. Departures are part of life here. Crying is inevitable. Separations happen.
Yet we ‘may’ see them again.

Actually, in Christ, there is no ‘may.’

Text revision:
Kim Starr, Deaconess Intern
St. Louis, MO, USA.
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