Down the road

by Kim Starr

Yesterday, as I was driving down the road, I noticed the one of the dashboard lights lit up. Ahyes, it was reminding me that I had less than 35 miles (yep! I've got a great 10 yr old Chevy Cav that has always given great gas mileage.) before running out of gasoline. And so, I began the deliberate hunt for a gas station.

Why deliberate? Well, for the last few days as I have passed them the prices jumped up $.10/gal, then $.18/gal, then $.40/gal. UGH! Really. Well, of course, this is all about Russia and its invasion of Crimea and now eastern Ukraine. It wasn't as though I didn't expect I'd run low on gas. No, instead, I thought to continue down the road meant a lower price.

Yet, that red light quietly told me, "no, you can't wait much longer." And so, I decided I'd get gas at $3.97/gal. Yikes! But, I chose to buy only two gallons. I could buy time...down the road.

Then today, four days after that, you guessed it...the red light quietly lit up. And so, I took a risk and drove 25 miles to my job expecting that I'd find something less expensive, down the road. I did. Only $3.73/gal.

Is this what we do in all things?
If we disappoint God do we think that "down the road" he will be less disappointed?
Do we hope that we will not have to ask forgiveness "down the road?"

Forgiveness is granted, no matter when down the road. However, it is so much better, so much more mature to face it exactly where we are on the road, not hoping for a "pass" to "get away with whatever the offense." God is good. All the time. And, all that he gives is good. Yet, we forget, his goodness is not as narrow or biased as our good. His good covers all time, all people and his entire kingdom's and down the road.

So, fill up now, right away, on his goodness. His forgiveness.Never put it off. It is invaluable, priceless and always freely offered due to Jesus' sacrifice down the road into Jerusalem.

Written by:

Ms. Kim Starr 
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Pleasant Praise, WI, USA
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