An intelligent car that can do almost anything by itself? Not many would doubt this will happen.
Wireless domestic electricity. Few people will think it won't happen.
Space travel in daily life, who wouldn’t believe it?
People have their heads frozen in cryogenics because in the near future there may be bodies to connect to...bringing them back to life. Maybe this is not so doubtful

But then, our willingness to believe changes: a God we can't see. Jesus Christ as God and Man, giving His own life for the sins of the whole mankind. The Bible as the perfect and reliable Book. Nature as the work of His Creation. Faith connects us to Him and that living by faith we have the hope of life everlasting. Suddenly to believe sounds crazy, something only fanatics do. Or maybe only people that are desperate to cling to something, anything for a psychological crutch...trying to survive.

Humankind. Nearly a shadow of a doubt on what an imperfect, immoral, warlike, jealous, miserly, quarrelsome, destructive, evil and voracious creature may produce.  Yet we dare to doubt the capacity, creation, presence and providence of The Creator. 
But that’s the way it is. By our own strength we cannot see farther than  human glassescan provide.

We may be reminded that even the sharpest technology to assist the eyes still 100 years to come is only a meager shadow of what The Creator is able to do and to make.  However, the Maker remains who He is and doing what He has always done. God gave totally of himself to become simply a human bringing us what we would never be able to make, create or produce - peace, forgiveness and eternal life in Christ. Technology in truth brings us good things. But when we remove 2 letters, C and N, from the word we enter in the field that leads us to understand what is the best for life – Theology. Then, the C and the N may come back again to point to the Certain and New life He grants us. In Him we receive and come to know everything that is always worth believing. Not only believing, but practicing, too.

For we know that technological previsions, as good as they may be, can fail. Actually,
they frequently do.
Theological ones cannot, though. 

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
The Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA)
Canoas ,RS, Brazil 

Text  edition:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Pleasant Praise, WI, USA
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