Danger of extinction. When we hear this, usually the images that come to mind are of animals. A turtle on a remote island, a mammal in Africa, a species of bird in the rain forest. Perhaps some types of plants, also.

But how often do we think of the extinction of attitudes?

Opening doors for others, waiting patiently in line at a retail store, tipping service staff, "thanking" others at retail/service stores...If we take a look around, some of the good attitudes of old, that used to be alive for centuries may be classified as endangered species. How often we see it? How often we do it? How frequent is our disposition to do good toward others? Even for strangers? Or do we contribute to endangering the good species of attitudes that once populated the earth?

We know that unfortunately some of these species are on the verge of extinctions

In some ways it is even more dangerous than the examples mentioned in the first paragraph. The deeds are the visible side of what is going on inside.  By the fruits one knows the tree and also, by the lack of them. The absence of fruitfulness worries those concerned about animals, plants, nature. Yet, they can be indifferent to the crown of all creation - the human being! At times we are less gentle to one another than we are with our planet.

That was not the case with Jesus. Although he also preserved God's creation his foremost concern was with the main creature. Mankind. He came to the world when we were on the path to our extinction. He brought us, by the gift of faith, to His inextinguishable love.  Our roots are set in Him for a life never to be extinguished.

Faith that takes visible shape in works of love. In attitudes toward people and nature, as well, - toward the home and especially its inhabitants.  If preserving endangered species is necessary, much more important is to preserve doing good to others, preventing good from being buried, extinguished, doomed. When we smile, when we help, when we are gentle, then we share love. We reflect the inextinguishable love of the Father, which does not desire anyone to be extinct but to come to repentance and faith.

Faith that, in love, pulls good attitudes away from the brink of extinction.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Canoas ,RS, Brazil 

Text  edition:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified

Wisconsin, US
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