Hidden Dangers

Traveling by plane, though feared by some, simply involves boarding, taking off, flying, landing and leaving the aircraft. Easy and safe!

We hardly think that some danger could have threatened the flight we were in. Everything looked normal but, in some cases, if we had the opportunity to talk to the pilot, we might listen what one, anonymously, revealed in a research: “We only tell the passengers what they need to know. We don’t say stuff that will scare them. Therefore, you will never hear me saying ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing problems with our engines’ even though that might actually happen”.

What if God would tell us of all the hidden dangers we never become aware of during our week, dangers he protected us from? Maybe we would become very afraid of setting a foot outside the front door. Maybe we would not dare to leave our beds! So, it is interesting that the psalmist highlights God’s protection in Psalm 91. He directs us to remember that we have shelter in God’s love, exposing the hidden dangers he delivers us from.

Christ’s own work for us rescues us from a danger we would never think of had not God’s Word revealed it to us. Sin leads us into hell and, without the salvation he had achieved, we would be destined to fall during flight, without possibility of rescue.

Through faith in the Savior, we are delivered from this bigger danger and also from the daily ones. Even those we are oblivious to. For that reason, we have the privilege of proclaiming this news to all those who go in their ways unaware of what is hidden. God’s Word reveals the dangers, but also shows how to safely continue our journey. Without fear of turbulence.

For there is no danger or difficulty to impede us from safely landing with Jesus in our final destination.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Rev. Paulo S. Albrecht
Brasilia, Brasil

Text  revision
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified

Wisconsin, US
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