ULBRA adheres to Federal Government’s Graduate Schools Restructuring Program

The subscription to PROIES confirms the offering of
49,000 full graduate scholarships in the next 15 years

The Lutheran University of Brazil(ULBRA) and its sponsor, The Lutheran Congregation St. Paul (CELSP) subscribed on Thursday, 27.12.2012, to the Restructuring and Strengthening Program for Graduate Schools of Brazil (PROIES), federal bill number 12688/2012, at the Attorney General’s Office in Porto Alegre, RS. 

The adhesion to the Program was the wrap up of a process started up in July, 13th, 2009, when CELSP/ULBRA signed a Statement of Commitment with the Attorney General of National Treasury Office. "The terms drafted back then established the conditions within the limits of the law that made possible for ULBRA, which has a recognized educational and social importance for our country, to go on", said ULBRA’s Rector(President) Rev. Dr. Marcos Fernando Ziemer.

Dr. Ziemer highlighted the importance of the role of public personalities during the whole 3-year long procedure, like Federal judges Guilherme Pinho Machado, Daniel Machado da Rocha and Daniel Luersen; the Attorney General Luís Inácio Adams; Regional Chief Attorney José Diogo Cyrillo da Silva; and congressman Jerônimo Goergen. “Their contribution was decisive in the way that led to the adhesion to PROIES."

The PROIES aims to give conditions to the continuity of ULBRA and more than 500 other Graduate Schools and Universities all over the country under serious economic difficulties, retrieval of tax credits by the Union, extension of full graduate scholarships and the maintenance of the active enrolled students.

In Ziemer’s view this adhesion represents the overcome of a major challenge. “It’s a special day and a landmark in ULBRA’s history because we’re turning a page in the trajectory for the University and its sponsor, CELSP. Since 2009 we are working to stabilize our fiscal situation. Now we’re entering a new moment in which there will be a complete restructuration so that we may fulfill the Restructuring Plane offering 49,000 graduate scholarships in all 15 ULBRA’s campuses across Brazil in the next 15 years, which represents a huge social contribution to our country. We are starting a new stage that certainly will have the support of every professor and employee as well as society”, was Ziemer’s emphasis.

Dr. Jonas Dietrich, Head of Legal Affairs at ULBRA thinks that this subscription will result in significant benefits for ULBRA. “We’ll be able to pay up to 90% of our tax debts providing the service we already do in education using our facilities and the unfilled spaces without having to pay in cash those taxes. Besides, because of PROIES we’ll have to accomplish a plane of economic and financial restructuring. The project to be developed will be the parameter to solve the debts we inherited from the management of the former directors which was what led us into this economic crisis”, said Dietrich. “This is a great opportunity for social inclusion. I hope I can follow up the next steps of this National and International standard Institution.” declared Chief Attorney of the National Treasury, José Diogo Cyrillo da Silva.

In the act of subscribing were present besides Rector Ziemer also Vice-Rector Valter Kuchenbecker; Graduation Provost Dr. Ricardo Rieth; adjunct Graduation Provost Dr. Pedro Hernández; Research and Postgraduate Provost Dr. Erwin Tochtrop; The Head of Legal Affairs Dr. Jonas Dietrich; The ULBRA’s PROIES Committee Coordinator Dr. Euclides Rosa Filho; Chief Attorney of the National Treasury José Diogo Cyrillo da Silva and managers of the Attorney General Office.

The 49,000 full graduate scholarships will start being granted in August, 2013 through the next 15 years and will follow the same social and economic criteria of enrollment of another Federal graduate program called PROUNI.

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