As we live with people, we not only have relationships, but end up connecting our lives to their lives. As we get to know each other better, the connection becomes stronger and lasting. And this we consider a good thing, don’t we?
Well, not always.

Some connections might put us into trouble. This is what we can see with politicians, when they are accused of illicit connections. In these last week in Brazil many politicians are trying to prove that they are not connected to a well known briber called Carlinhos Cachoeira. For many connections to him are popping up in the news.
However, the danger is found not only in “Cachoeiras” (waterfalls, in Portuguese). It is also in the small reservoirs filled with putrid water and wells with stagnant water around us.  The danger of harmful connections is not only “out there” but sometimes closer than we might think.

In the gospel of John, chapter 15, Jesus says that he is the vine and those connected to him are the branches. He who is connected to him bears much fruit. Here is a connection that is always good and brings much benefit to our life. Connected to the Master we receive strength and guidance to bear many and good fruits.
This connection which can be announced to all the world might become hidden, maybe out of fear or shame. On the other hand the “Cachoeira” connection should not be advertised, it is better if it remains hidden, people involved in it think, since they deal with the base desires of human life: money, power, carnal lusts….Nonetheless, even though the fruits of the Vine connection do not look the best from a human standpoint once the fruits from the “cachoeiras” connection are better looking, they remain and they lead us to life eternal.

Even better, they are from a different nature and values than the fruits of the “cachoeiras” connection. This is so that if you google “videira perto de cachoeira” (“vine nearby waterfall”) the result is “
nenhum resultado encontrado” (no results found). A small joke just to illustrate that the values of the vine are different and lead to life, establishing the best and everlasting connection.
How wonderful if that blessed connection was the one on the news...

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Chaplain at Ulbra, Parish Pastor at “St. Paul”,
Canoas ,RS, Brazil

Rev. Paulo S. Albrecht
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Text  revision
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Wisconsin, US

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