Of the many thoughts I've read on the Web lots of thoughts due to the death of Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder. The one that caught my attention was, "Three apples changed the world: Adam's, Isaac Newton's and Jobs' apple." (After all, Steve Jobs is considered a genius who changed history.) Even though The Bible doesn't specify which fruit was forbidden it's still an interesting idea. The apple is a symbol of great and permanent change.

But the 1st apple is different from the other two! The story of Adam and Eve changed humankind to evil. It's the beginning of the sad story of sin, erring, imperfection. In a way, the other two apples brought changes for good. Yet even if they changed the present and the future they cannot reverse the consequences of the first one. Instead, only to suffer its consequences. So everything that's human-made is imperfect, needing improvements and updates...only to be imperfect again.

The real change of life for us by the 1st apple came with 'Blood.' The Blood that Christ shed taking our place. Our present and future were and are changed forever. Humankind received the oppportunity of a New Software - reset, to start over. This never seen or done before Transformation requires no need for or possibility of copy/paste. It's unique. Complete. Because of Christ, The Holy Spirit touches the monitor of our hearts directly connecting us to The Father God and filling our hearts with salvation and peace.

Yes, the 1st apple, Adam's, changed history. It's taste was sin and death. But, Jesus Christ changed that apple story. His gift is the best Web connection we can ever long for: Forgiveness and Eternal Life.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
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