Not yet

There’s a word that sometimes bothers and other times encourages us. Yet

If we still have time to pay a debt owed to a retailer, if we still have money in our bank account, if hope is not goneYet and hope still lingers...then we are encouraged.  But if something we expected hasn't Yet happened, if the it is not the right time Yet, if everything is still the same with no change...we are bothered, even troubled.

Every day we yearn for "Yet," several times...whether we'd be cheered up or not! This life, we know, will bring us Yet in many forms.

The best Yet of all is the home we have after this life. In heaven. It hasn't come Yet. However, it is absolutely guaranteed when we place our faith in what Christ did for each of us. It hasn't come Yet, but there is no doubt that it will.

While this new life is Yet to come we still go on in our now, what's already here, the life we have under God's grace. This is what makes life worth living. I'm still waiting to meet someone who knows he or she is leaving this life and is happy about it...the now that we live has so many joys that we are tempted to want to linger here ... while we wait for the Not Yet, the full happiness in Christ. Right now we know, that by faith, Jesus is here at our side.

Anxiety. Sorrow. Problems. Just a matter of time...

Yet it will change.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Chaplain at Ulbra, Parish Pastor at “St. Paul”,
Canoas ,RS, Brazil

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified

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