The essential

We are not alwais paying attention to the most important things. The secondary ones sometimes have the power to drain all of our stremght. That's why we need the peace that Jesus Chrit brings to us through faith in our hearts.

How many errors in spelling did you notice above? At least, 3, I am sure. But, tell me, did you also notice something missing in one of the words?  How about the 's' in the name of Christ?

Maybe some of you noticed, maybe some of you did not. The spelling mistakes may have caught your eye while the missing letter in the name of our Savior may have gone unnoticed.

We tend to focus on secondary matters. We forget to pay attention to what is most important. What is the essential can be missing in our daily life.

In the first paragraph there is only an 's' missing in the name of Christ. But when spiritual nurture is missing in our life and Christ is not in his rightful place in our hearts, First, then much more is missing.

This is not what God wants for us. He wants our hearts to continual receive care, guidance. He wants our eyes of faith to receive what is most important. Focusing on Christ and our faith in him, first, then gives us time for secondary things.  Peace will be ours with nothing lacking in our lives and hearts. Christ never misses the 's' of serenity, sureness, Salvation.

And smile, too!

(From an illustration by
Rev. Paul Lantz, Boston, EUA)

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
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