Slam the brakes

What do we do when traffic suddenly slows down?  Is there a dangerous hill ahead?  Must be a dog running across the street!  Whose kid is chasing a ball now?
We slam on the brakes. That's what we do.

What do we do when we get "hot" information? Gossipy news!  The chance to be judgmental!
Do we slam on the brakes?
I don’t  think so…

Out tongue is slick. Our feet can be quick. But, do we really avoid our impulse to speak or walk and instead slam on the brakes? Even the clutch entices us to gear up and speed up. Reckless habits lead to dangerous wrecks. We all know that many times slamming the brakes is the best choice.That way we avoid running down and over our God-given reason and good sense.

Slam on the brakes. Jesus did that. He gave his life for humankind. He slammed the brakes on sin because we were headed to a Dead End. Jesus showed us the path of and to Life. He work of love became an accelerated phenomenon completed for all time. The destination for us is no doubt and no indecision. The Father's love is full and perfect residing in our hearts. Following Him by faith alone guides us to use the brakes when our words might be careless and our actions would be harmful. Yet, remember, we are a forgiven people.

Then as we hit the road it’s always good to be hit by His grace, so we keep prudence in mind and love in the heart.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr
MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
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