What do you think is the most important thing to learn: math, to drive, using a computer, to deal with economics or to love?

I think most of us wold say “to love”. All others are important. But they do not rank as high. To love is crucial. This is the glue that cements humans relationships that are intended for a lifetime.

But now let’s think for a moment: Where do we find the classroom for learning how to love?

We have classrooms for math, for driving, for economics. We have professors and specialized schools to teach us how to use a computer, how to understand nature, to sell...and thousands of other activities. However to love is #1, the top! Shouldn't there be a special place to learn that?

Good question…

Maybe this is no formal classroom. But there are other rooms where we can learn how to love. The living or dining room, where family relationships can be treated, cared, nurtured…in love. The conference room at work where discussions and resentments can be love. The waiting room where social interactions may be improved as we see others not as "strangers" but as God's creation. The VIP room where not just those invited are welcome but instead God's reality that All people are VIP in God's eyes.  This we know for sure because God's Son gave his life for All people.

So many rooms! And so many opportunities to learn! Our God – the One that provides us these rooms – shows us how to. Because He Himself shows us In Theory and In Practice. He speaks of love and puts It into action in Jesus Christ. As a student in the Master's classroom is to find that no matter where we are, what room we are in, God is love and shows us how to love.

But there’s no need to worry about the ‘grade’ we’ll get as we learn in these classrooms.  In Christ we all have more than a passing grade.

And, that's exactly how and why we are motivated each day to do and be more!

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht
Chaplain at Ulbra, Parish Pastor at “St. Paul”,
Canoas ,RS, Brazil

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr, MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Spiritual Life Program Assistant
Cedar Lake Lodge and Residences
Care-giving and Housing for Adults Living with Developmental Disabilities
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

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