Gadgets - Got to have the latest

Craving the latest gadget can cause sleepless nights.  It may be a new cell phone, a new computer app, a new dvd player...the "new-something" that possibly would calm their work or personal life.

Only to discover that it is in the next gadget that the peace and calm they dream of is…

We can see the picture. We humans cannot be at peace while we look for satisfaction, calm, peace in what WE do. There’s nothing made by human hands that can make a human heart rest in peace. And there’s nothing in the whole world that would fullfill our craving for the next big thing. A professor at the Seminary here in Brazil once said: “If a human being possessed the whole Earth, then he/she would dream of having the Moon.”

We must look to other gadgets. Thorn...Crown...Whips...Torn Clothes...Wood...Nails... Well, those are not the types of gadgets we in the 21st century crave. But Jesus took all of them obediently until this death, only to assure us what really can bring peace and calm to our hearts: his love and forgiveness.

In faith we are connected to Him. God's embrace through Jesus Christ brings us calm. In life, peace and contentment come only through Jesus Christ and we are grateful for Him in our lives.

Human-made gadgets come and go. There's always something new to make us wonder if peace and happiness will follow.

In Christ we know that God’s love, peace and happiness are ours and are always the same.

That's what we got to crave.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht 
(From and illustration
suggested by Kim Starr)

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr, MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Spiritual Life Program Assistant
Cedar Lake Lodge and Residences
Care-giving and Housing for Adults Living with Developmental Disabilities
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
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