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You have 140 characters to answer a basic question: “What’s happening?”

That’s Twitter the ‘round the world famous microblogging tool.' There you create an account, a profile and post thoughts no more than 140 characters. That means a 2 or 3 line phrase or less. You can also follow the profile of others to find out what they are posting/doing/promoting. Other people can see what you are doing by becoming followers of your profile.

You observe or are observed as you go about your reading or writing "what's happening."

140 characters. Can you imagine women talking about dresses and shoes with that limit of words? Men, discussing football or politcs? Now that would be funny!…There's not enough characters to convey what we are eager to speak, say or share...But think about it - Few people are listening while many people are talking!

But as we think a little further we realize that the most important things of life do fit in 140 characters. Or less. Love, honesty, respect, fidelity, comprehension, help. The most important attitudes too. To judge less, to listen more. Help those in need. Protect our environment.

Further, the most important word for our heart needs only 5 touches on the keyboard: faith. Placing our faith in Jesus Christ gives us a New Profile, one in The One who conquered all of thes most important matters of life. We have a new life. We are followers of the Savior.  

Then the characters we ‘type’ with our attitudes as the day goes by will tell a lot about our personal character. When people who ‘follow’ us through the week notice good content ‘tweets’, that is, good words, actions, deeds, they will see that the One we follow is really worthwhile. It’s a profile making it ProLife! Life everlasting. Many will start to be followers too!

In Christ our daily "tweets," that is our way of life, will show more than "what's happening."  They'll point to "what we believe."

And, "where we are going."

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr, MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Spiritual Life Program Assistant
Cedar Lake Lodge and Residences
Care-giving and Housing for Adults Living with Developmental Disabilities
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
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