The news out of Japan report that growing evidence shows radiation in both water and food. This comes even after authorities claimed that the levels are not dangerous. First an earthquake then a tsunami devasted this nation. Now the Japanese people have to deal with the difficult issue of unsafe drinking water, the essential liquid for life.

The situation becomes even more dramatic because it is an invisible danger. When water is unclean or food is rotten we must avoid it all. What happens when the danger can't be seen, like with radiation poisoning? The basic human effort of swallowing becomes deadly, in this case.

The same danger is present in the field of faith. There are so many difficulties - like contaminated water and rotten food - many people feel unable to choose wisely.  The result is too many leave God's presence because they are not confident that the "faith water" offered is real.

The Bible, God's Word, is the safe and pure well of water to life. When we approach Jesus Christ, we know that he is the fountain of living water, the soil of safe food for our hearts. The invisible threat of sin is taken away from our sight. We remain sinners. Forgiveness and eternal life, that we are granted, keep us from the effect of "evil radiation." We know that because this flows from The Word the source is clear and pure. It is radiation free food for life.

In Japan food is visible but the danger is not. In Christ, the food is invisible, but its results are clearly visible before every human eye.

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Ms. Kim Starr, MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Spiritual Life Program Assistant
Cedar Lake Lodge and Residences
Care-giving and Housing for Adults Living with Developmental Disabilities
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
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