Perfect match (Easter devotion)

-The bank is not going to charge me for any service on my account.
-I did buy my position in the Congress.
-I just bought the original ‘Mona Lisa’ from the Louvre Museum.
-Yes, I'm a huge fan of the Lakers, but no, I never watch any of their games. 

If we seriously consider these sentences we know that they aren't right. They are not matching elements. It's tough to believe them because they try to put ideas together that don't match.

This kind of mismatch is what we have when we hear, at least in Brazil, people saying, "I didn't buy Easter for my family, grandkids or relatives this year." Meaning that they didn't get Easter presents like chocolate, sweets or other stuff common to this time of year.

Buying Easter! That's a sentence that can't be right. The two thoughts don't match.  "Buy" and "Easter" will never go together. That won't happen. Ever.

Ok, so we know when this phrase is used that individuals are referring to chocolates and other cultural Easter products. But, it is still not wise to say it this way. Easter. The Real all caps has no relation to "buying" at all. It means to receive a gift that cost The Giver a great deal. This gift is Free and it gives: Life to Us.  Easter was bought with the very life of our Savior Jesus Christ so that The Best Present of All would be ours with no cost.

"Consumer" can only be matched with "Easter" if those who "consume" this gift comprehend how sweet it truly is - no calories - freeing us for all eternity. For free, Jesus gives Peace and Hope to a world that still thinks it's possible to buy complete satisfaction.

Good News of God's gift + Easter = The Perfect Match.

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Text revision:
Ms. Kim Starr, MA Practical Theology & Deaconess Certified
Spiritual Life Program Assistant
Cedar Lake Lodge and Residences
Care-giving and Housing for Adults Living with Developmental Disabilities
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

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