in LIght

People who suffer from sight problems have a precious help to see better: glasses. This invention gives our eyes clarity and precision to the sight we so cherish.

But when in a dark room will it make a difference to wear or not wear glasses? Surely not. We can't see in ambient light when there is no light!

When we live in ambient light, light that surrounds us in a room, but the light is dim...then no lenses in the world will help us. And, if we spend time with those who focus on the darkside of life, or if we "make our plans by night," or live our lives in rotting darkness of despair...then we can't expect to see well either. And, no magnifying glass will solve the biggest problem: the lack of light!

But we have Hope. We have Light. Jesus Christ. He won for us a wide and wonderful, clear and precise ambient light of peace in the presence of The Father. By faith in Him we are brought out of darkness into His panorama of Light. We have the right glass and we can see life through the lenses that show us The Way. In His Light we see more clearly, more precisely. Even beyond that.

Being with Him allows us to
always see...whether in darkness or even in the bright light of sunny days.

Text revision: Kim L. Starr
deaconess certified
residing near St. Louis, MO
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