Questions, Answers

"When we think we found the answers then life changes the questions”. It’s a known quote that seems to be preparing us to the unexpected of life.

But in daily life sometimes we can find another version of it: “When I found the questions someone changed the answers”.

In this case we are talking about people who do not keep their word when faced with precise questions about the consequences of their acts. They change the facts to adjust things to their perception or to try to escape what’s evident, correct, true.

Changing the answers. It's what we do at times when confronted about our attitudes. We lack the follow through.

The answers God gives to our lives never change. What He promisses will always be accomplished. No matter what comes next whether happy or unhappy moments, whether up or down. Jesus Christ is the living, dead and living again proof that every single word His mouth speaks will happen as He designed it to be.

He invites us through faith to make our answers match the questions. That is, being coherent. Whether, in faith, repentant of our bad attitudes or, in faith, standing for the truth even when pressured to answer differently. Living by faith daily in him we can always ask for his love and care knowing that his answers always will be the perfect ones for what we need the most.

Questions, answers, promises. As God's own we will not want to change anything.
We’ll take them as they are.


Missionary news from the north
Pastor Tiago, from Macapá (Amapá), up north Brazil shares some great news about the missionary work in that State.
“Hi folks!

Our congregation's emphasis is outreach and inter-city ministries. Thus, we would like to share a bit of it with you through our blog. There's an English post there with some pictures in a way you may have
a glance what's going on! The e-address is:

Thanks for you attention! In Christ's love,

Rev. Tiago Albrecht
Macapá, Amapá State – Brazil


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Kim Starr
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