Day one

When thinking about your life would you like to have a "Day One?" I mean, to have a chance to start over again. Re-do what was done badly or to begin what you never began?

What would you begin with?

…Family...restore what was lost in a relationship? Take back words that were harsh? Speak those words that were left unspoken?
…Work...avoid judging quickly? Stop the rough words? Take back laziness? Eliminate lack of compromise? Give voice to compliments?
...Friendship...make that call not dialed or texted? Listen for comprehension? Take back missed opportunities and give those hugs? on those so-called non-essentials? Make improvements?
…The loved one...give that kiss not given? Forgive without being asked? Offer encouragement? The gesture of acceptance?

I don’t know the size of your list, I don’t know how much you’d like to start over or re-do. But one thing I can assure you: this ‘Day one’ it’s not utopia, it’s not a faraway dream or something out of the reach of our hands. It exists. It may be Today, right now. If you want to make today the day things are gonna change, then probably things are going to change!

I know, this doesn’t happen by magic. It doesn’t mean that if you begin today then tomorrow everything will be completely changed, the answer will arrive, people will start seeing all things differently..But, no doubt that tomorrow, Day Two, little things will be different. Then comes Day 03 and Day 04...soon you'll have the strength to not let it stop.
Jesus Christ changed our life. By faith, assurance allows for all things to be 'made new,' 'to begin again.' When we stand on what never changes - His love, salvation, faith, His care - then we have the strength to make it...Day 01 is more than a wish or a dream - it's our reality.

When you fail, are weak, fall behind where you want to be - ask Him to help. Trust Him Who IS One, The One. His infinite Love and Grace sees you through. Through Him we have the blessing for everything to be different. Continuously.

One day after another.
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