What's your sign

Yes, I have a sign. It is strong and it is ascendant over me. It shows a lot about my profile, my condition. It speaks about my past and present. And if I live under what it represents in my life I’ll know a brilliant future.

Every time I see my sign and its prediction and directions for life, then my day is different. I recall that I can live confidently. I’m remembered that I’ll find good in people and a great love will be maintained. My emotional life can be stable and my financial and professional life will have great support.

Let me introduce you to my sign. I was born to it on September, 24th. However the truth is that everyone who has been born again on any other given date also share this sign.

I’m speaking about the cross.

Signum, in Latin means sign, signal, symbol. The cross is the sign of the ones who live under the Theoscope. Because through faith in Christ we are under the sight (scopéw) of God (Theós). The cross speaks of Jesus Christ who is ascendant over our hearts.

He takes our lives in His hands and makes sure randomness is not the rule. We are firmly saved and guided by the Creator of heavens, Earth, stars, man – everything. That means we are not guided and protected by chance. The cross is the sign that He is taking care of our steps.

What’s your sign? I hope it is only one.

The one which is the reference of all that have been born of faith.

Text revision:
Rev. Paul Lantz
Detroit, MI
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