In my 12 years as a minister – maybe in my whole life – I think this was the greatest illustration from daily life to the central message of The Bible. The rescue of the 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chile.

The connections overflow. Perhaps you can find even more than these:

-People were in an irreversible situation underneath. They couldn’t save themselves.

-Even if they had positive thinking, strength of will, kept encouraging one another, even If they had strong attitude...their end was predictable.

-All of the sudden a signal came from above. A hole was made in the ground to reach that group. They knew others were trying to help them in this desperate situation and hopefully provide a way to save them.

-Now hope was real. Someone up above with the power and the means to make the rescue made it.

-They don’t know day and time. All they know was to trust, wait and keep going on.

-Then came the rescue. It was a unique and narrow way. There’s no other way out of the situation. Only one way.

-Each of them was saved individually without merit or effort. They were rescued from fear, anguish and despair.

-They were brought from darkness, from the depths, to the high, to the surface light.

A new life began.

That was such an amazing story of human rescue. But most amazing, wonderful, complete IS the story of the rescue made by God Himself! In and through Jesus Christ. He made a way for all of us. We cannot and never will be able to make a way for ourselves. In gratitude we share our faith in his work that all have been given a way out of the deep, dark mine shaft of sin.

A final analogy: as the miners reached the surface, besides meeting their families and loved ones the miners hugged the president of Chile. He was standing there waiting to see each one.

One day when we will be called from down here to live up There. Then we will meet not only our loved ones who departed in faith. We will stand in the presence of the governor of all and everyone will be welcomed into the new and eternal life.

He is, in fact, the Author of the greatest rescue of all time
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