The Grande Design

Stephen Hawking’s newly released book, “The Grande Design”, led him the other day to the top of the Twitter’s trending topics. The reason is because in this writing he declares God not necessary in the origin of the Universe. According to the British scientist spontaneous creation explains why there is something in the place of nothing. Laws such as gravity force help to make it clearer. Hawking says, “You can call it God, but it wouldn't be a personal God that you could meet and ask questions.”

On Hawking’s current thought there’s no Creator:

It is always good to remember that this is an unsubstantiated hypothesis. It’s different from saying “grass is green” or “whales are mammals”. Even though I’m miles away from his knowledge, it seems that it takes a good deal of faith to believe that gravity and other laws can explain the spontaneous generation from nothing to everything.

But that’s science. Research, explanation, change. Research again, explanation again - more change. Hawking himself is proof of how today’s scientific discover becomes tomorrow’s old news. Once in 1988 he said, “if man discovered a complete theory of the creation of the universe then we should know the mind of God”. During the ‘80s Hawking acknowledged God was part of the plan. 22 years later, he discarded the Creator.

The fact is that in this context – reason – it does make sense. We can never bring God to the scene with the efforts of our reason. We don’t have conditions to do so. This comes only through faith, which is a gift that allows us to be sure of things we cannot see, as the Bible states. When it goes though our hearts then God comes to scene as the Creator, Renewer, Redeemer and Keeper of gravity and all other laws He established. He may, if needed, even be the Changer of it. This is not a theory, but the proclamation of the Savior who came to save us out of nothing to a life full of everything we need.

So according to Stephen Hawking’s current unsubstantiated hypothesis, God is not part of the design.
But according to the Creator - in his work of Love substantiated in Christ - The Grand Design includes all of us. Hawking, you, me.

Every one.

Text revision:
Rev. Paul Lantz
Detroit, MI
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