The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is such a disaster in so many ways. Our sinful greedy ways show up profoundly in this kind of episode. Some see the human incompetency in this disaster. But others unfortunately preach that this manmade destructive oil crisis is God's way of punishing all the evil people.

Why do we humans continue to 'try to know the mind of our all powerful, all knowing God”? Why do we point to every event claiming that we know what God wanted in it? Wouldn't it be better to be quiet and listen? Because talking as though we know for sure "God is punshing in an event" can confound sharing the Gospel to the unchurched. What would draw a non-believer to a punishing, angry God who seems to wait for the next opportunity to show His wrath?

Turn this around. We could share the compassion of our Father by reaching them with the Gospel showing His profound love. How many people know only that God is only about wrath, anger and punishment? The Bible does not use the verb, 'to be,' connecting such things to God's essence. Instead, God has, does and will show anger against sin. But, when it comes to the word that defines His being, the Bible is clear and sound: God is love! And He spilled love all over the earth in His Son Jesus and this love remains as what He wants spread all over the globe now and beyond today.

Many disasters may come. Surely, they will because we fail. More abundant than anything known will always be God's love spill because it's not only a characteristic, a careless side of Him or a feature of His being... He IS Love.

God's Love. The spill every preacher should release.

(From and idea by Kim Starr)

Text revision: Kim Starr
St. Louis, USA
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