The guilty one

Brazilian journalist, Milton Jung, wrote an article about the early elimination of the Brazil National Team from FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 in the round of eight (see in English). He comments about the country's extreme need to find someone to take all the blame. He wrote, “We always need the guilty one, someone who sums up our failures and frees us from any responsibility. We will not allow ourselves to admit the opponent's superiority."

Yes, we need to admit the truth that our deceptions only find relief when we find the guilty one. We do not feel as bad when we choose the "scape goat." [Or, in the case of Brazilians, when Argentina (Brazil's greatest soccer rival) loses 4 to 0 the very next day...]

Yet when it comes to the most important issue of our lives when it is crucial to find who took all of the world's guilt away...Who paid for all the errors?...Who is the 'scape goat?'...that is when we resist. When is comes to how we relate to God our tendency is to admit that we are imperfect, but by our own efforts seek to handle our difficulties believing God will agree with us or save ourselves when we have messed up.

That's exactly when we need to point to someone. The one already chosen name to take our burden is: Jesus Christ. He was innocent, but He accepted the job of 'scape goat,' to take on all the guilt. He nailed it all on the cross giving us new life - forgiveness, salvation. He took the burden off of us and gave us the opportunity to play another game, another way. He promises a trophy that no one can take away.

We must reverse our train of thought. We can quit searching for the guilty one. That means we can place our lives on Him who made Himself the guilty one changing how we deal with everything that happens.

With no fear of losing.

Text revision: Kim Starr
Milwaukee, WI
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