Hope, help

The other day I sent an email to a friend with some information she requested. After writing what I was asked to I finished with the line: “I hope I helped”.

I don’t know for English speakers but for a foreigner like me that’s a good sounding phrase: “Hope-helped”. I don’t know even if that is a smooth English sentence. But I’d like to dwell a little on what it is intended to mean.

‘May I help you?” is one of the top 10 questions of our daily life. Even though we humans have a strong egotistic drive, we have the desire to help. To be helpful, useful. So as we help someone the desired result is that what we intended to do has really been done and the helping hand we reached out has effectively helped in some way. We hope we were able to help. We hope we helped.

This hope-help sentence however works only in the horizontal way. Because when we think upward there’s no hope to be helping. We can’t be helpful to ourselves in getting to God’s presence. We are not able to help ourselves in having a life that walks under God’s will. We can’t help but being lost in our efforts and noticing that our justice will never help us in any way.

We can’t hope to help.
But we can have help in the Hope.

Because of his Great Love and his drive to help mankind, the crown of His creation, God gave us hope. Jesus Christ gives us hope through his work on the cross. This is the Helping hand that comes in our direction and that is grabbed in faith. This is the Hope that replenishes our hearts and leads our walk under God’s will and grace. Further, it’s a one of a kind hope. For human hope is only this – hope. God’s Hope means God’s certainty. We know it comes true. We know it’s surely going to help.

This is a Bible Word and promise that today comforted my heart. So I wanted to share it with you.

I hope it helped.

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Kim Starr
St. Louis, USA
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