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Last weekend Ulbra hosted special guests. They were Rev. Bruce Peffer, Chaplain at Concordia University of Austin,, Texas, and eight students: Ryan, Drew, Brittany, Warren, Jolie, Jennifer, Mikaela and Felipe. Felipe, a Brazilian, has lived in the US since 2001. They plunged into our culture and served as volunteers. On Saturday they learned about Thrash Recycling Usin at Canoas, the University campus and the Brazilian barbecue, called ‘Churrasco’. On Sunday they attended Service at the University Chapel and right after lunch had a tour through Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southern state.

By 9.30 AM on Monday they were at “Cristo Redentor” Elementary and High School, one of Ulbra’s Schools. The school Chaplain Rev. Elton Fischer, principals Carin Borkert and Cheila Santos welcomed them. Their meeting is mentioned in today's devo.

The group's purpose in coming to Brazil was to learn about our culture and to be volunteers at Instituto Santissima Trindade (Holy Trinity Institute) at Moreira. It is sponsored by The Lutheran Church in Brazil (IELB). Orphans, children and the elderly are helped here. Our guests from the north are building a fence and teaching English classes.

(from right to left: Pastor Lucas Albrecht, Pastor Bruce Peffer, Ryan, Drew, Jolie, Mikaela, Warren, Jennifer, Brittany, Felipe, Pastor Elton Fischer, a Brazilian student)
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