Maximum load

If you observe viaducts in cities and highways you normally see them not at their full weight capacity. Cars and trucks are coming and going over them, just passing by. They don’t stop on it.

Unless there’s a traffic jam.

Then the viaduct gets full from side to side. The full capacity gets tested! This is the biggest proof of resistance. When projecting weight limit of a viaduct an engineer must think not of its low or medium capacity. He must think in terms of full capacity. And beyond

One needs to think of maximum load.

In our lives we should never try to build our viaducts on our own. It just won’t work. Because Life weighs on us with its heavy loads, we're pushed to the ground. We cannot and are not able to take even light loads alone, so think of the heaviest ones…Everything may collapse, suddenly!

We must be prepared for maximum loads.

Then our highest need is The Viaduct Himself – Jesus Christ, the bridge to the Father. By placing faith in Him we have structure for every burden, even when they are overwhelming. Built into His love the promises guarantee that neither change, quakes nor storms will allow for collapse.
And beyond: He gives us people, friends – loving ones –who share our maximum loads. Jesus, the ultimate construction, carries our heaviest loads of: selfishness, pride, fears, needs; everything that causes the traffic jams of our hearts and lives.

In Him, we have the maximum load of care and of love.

Text revision:
Kim Starr
St. Louis, USA
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