Thousands of passengers in many countries of Europe were under difficult times due to the eruption of the volcano at southern Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier. They became ‘trapped’ in the continent as they waited for the opening of the airspace, closed because of the smoke in the air. We can imagine how irritating and challenging this must be waiting in horrid accommodations for another flight home. On top of that having to spend extra money for unanticipated expenses!

On the other hand, we can guess how dangerous it would be for pilots to fly into the airspace clouded by the smoke - not only risky, but disastrous.Imagine the relatives waiting for their loved ones to come home. If to wait is bad, to take the risk of flying thorugh the ashes is far worse

Our children, bosses, employees, friends...they may throw smoke in the air in unexpected moments, sometimes the worse possible. This means that some attitudes, gestures, ways of behaving may ‘delay’ us as we are eager to take off to something else we consider more important. That may be with the son who doesn’t learns as fast as we desired. A work project that isn’t taking off as soon as we planned. A friend who needs help when we would like to spare time with anything else. The spouse who needs more family time in those busiest weeks. And so on.

In moments like these our trend is to ‘hurrying the takeoff’, pushing things onward and not respecting each one’s time. Then the chance for an emotional or relationship accident is more than emerging. It is about to happen.

Before lives and relationships become ashes they can be worked out in an appropriate time. Like the volcano, eruptions in a relationship have no predetermined time to happen. It happens. At those times it is very important for us to work on the relationship in a calm safe, clear way. That avoids risking our emotional lives.

That’s the way God chose to act in the midst of our ‘eruptions’ and impulses. In Christ, the ashes of sin in our lives is removed to reveal a clear and bright airspace in our hearts. He is patient, forgiving, helping, giving suport to avoid our spiritual life getting into risk. And leading us to act the same way. To help and be helped is what really gets the best result no matter how long it takes.

Because, now or later the 'smoke' will disappear. It will be so good to go back home. Specially if it remains being a place of continuous eruption of faith, harmony and love.

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Kim Starr
St. Louis, USA
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