When you go to the dentist with a toothache or other serious problems with your teeth you expect to be relieved. But what about his way of trying to get you relaxed? A big syringe to anesthetize the pain. You cringe, wanting to run out of the office.

Those injections hurt. But they are meant to stop the pain...yet, at first, they cause it. Especially in the tiny, sensitive places deep in your mouth. But why do we just accept this torture? Why don't we just say: “ok, doc, I don’t wanna feel this pain. I’m going home!” ?

The answers is: we know that temporary pain will prevent us from feeling much stronger pain. The syringe pain is bad. But much worse pain will be felt without taking the anesthesia for the tooth problem.

Looks like daily life, right? Yes, for sure. God sometimes allows some pain in our lives by preventing something much worse to happen. Something that would harm us to the core of our being. We complain when in pain. Yet as time goes by we sense His wisdom...the Great Physician is a specialist for us. He knows exactly when to use the anesthesia to heal us and to save us from deeper wounds.

That happened on the Cross too. By Christ’s pain and wounds, we are preserved from the pains of being alone, without help and salvation.

Next time you feel bad or hurt try to calm down and keep trusting The Doc. He won't let the pain push us out of His caring hands.

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Kim Starr - Wisconsin, USA.
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